Rocky Mountain Seed Company

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Seed Company Official Website. Our mountain strains are cleaner and better than stains grown at sea level. It's the same for coca plants, the higher up you grow, the higher quality the buzz and higher cocaine levels. That's why there is a huge demand for Rocky Mountain Cannabis Strains. We've got premium tasting buds you can't get anywhere else, and the potency of our strains is clean, for less brain fry with all the euphoria and more. We only have top shelf marijuana strains so you can get your green on and be ready for work with a clean come down.

Canada's World Famous Mountain Cannabis Strains

We are Canada's favourite cannabis connection. Buy premium cannabis seeds here, or use the button below:


We connect you to cream of the crop seeds

Now you can get hooked up to the world's finest strains from the creators of Cocoon, Lazy Lightning, Space Monkey, Green Lotus, Salmon River and our more famous Rocky Mountain Blueberry. Some of those strains are now discontinued now, but you'll find out that our blue strains like Blue Dreams and Blueberry and the most popular strains today for Canadian, American and Australian growers.

All about the plant

Here at the Rocky Mountain Seed Company, we focus out time, thoughts and research money breeding cannabis plants. We don't waste money on advertising and marketing and our customer base are mostly repeat customers. New customers are most like to come by word-of-mouth. So you get a small run seed bank with higher quality seeds and better customer support. We hand select each seed to make sure you get 100% germination rates.